Peter Thomas Horn


Hi, my name is Peter. I am a 26 year old developer from Germany.
This is my personal website on which I tell a bit about myself with a focus on my professional occupation.

A Developer

"It works" is not enough for me. Getting the best out of every part while working towards the goal is my motivation. I regularly question established principles to verify them and discover potential improvements. Switching perspectives is important, not just at work but also with people. It helps to understand problems and how to tackle them. I do not roam with tunnel vision.

It all started with native application development on Windows. Later work lead me into web technologies. I collected solid expertise in server management, back-end and front-end development. The full stack. Finally choice lead me to tap the new horizons of mobile apps.


I developed .NET based applications in C# using WPF and its MVVM pattern. Before that I made games and tools with PureBasic. Even though I am currently focusing on mobile and web I resort to Apple Swift for desktop apps.


I spend much of my free time with Apple Swift and iOS app development. A part of my professional .NET experience also consists of application development for Windows CE devices. Mobile devices are already an essential part of my work in terms of responsive design.


I created corporate solutions with Python and PHP based on frameworks like CakePHP and Laravel. Also extensions for established e-commerce software like xt:Commerce and PrestaShop. From Linux server set up to designing and deploying the web app, I got you covered.

A Creative

Even though not competitive with professional artists, I have something besides this website to show that I am not blind on both eyes. Unfortunately life is too short to pursue all my interests. Focusing on software development kept me from fostering my drawing and design skills. Mixing in the creative vein (when appropriate) is part of making a difference for the better.

A Person

Software is made by people for people. People are part of business life like business is part of people's life. As an individual like everybody else I have character, interests, opinions and quirks. One of them continuously is to become a better person. Technical skills are essential as a developer but not everything that matters.